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These Salon-Grade Nail Strips Give You an Instant Manicure.

PS: You can apply them in under 60 seconds and rest assured they’ll last up to 3 weeks without chips or cracks. Best part? There’s 0% Dry Time and they are 100% beginner & budget friendly while save you costly salon visits.

By Helen Emerson

Last Updated July 14, 2023


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123,831+ Customers

Lea G - Hamburg

maniko has restored my confidence !

“ I’ve struggled with bad nails all my life, spending money at the salon would only result in chips and cracks a week later. Maniko takes a minute to apply and gives me 3 weeks of beautiful salon-quality nails .. best part is that I actually done them myself 😍 !!! ”

Verified Buyer

Introducing Maniko

Being rated as the #1 Nail Care Solution for At-Home Manicure with a simple 60 Second Procedure: Stick-Shape-Cure it’s no surprise why Maniko has ammased a huge following of over 123,831+ women worldwide and the number of customers is rapidly growing by the day.




Introducing our hassle-free manicure solution!

It all started with the idea of making nail care easier for thousands of women facing chipped and cracked nails, expensive salon visits, and complex procedures that were a challenge for beginners. We've listened, and now we're here to revolutionize your nail routine. With Maniko’s UV Gel Strips you can say goodbye to:

Brushing or Painting your nails.

Nail Chips & Cracks just after a few days

Struggling to achieve salon-quality nails at home without mistakes.

Hours & Money spent at the salon for the perfect manicure

Repeatedly struggling to find the perfect nail kit that fits your ideal shape

Behind The Innovation

The Astonishing 5-Year Journey to Picture-Perfect Nails in 60 seconds.

After years of extensive research and conducting thousands of surveys with women around the globe, we've cracked the code to the ultimate solution for flawless nails.

Prepare to be amazed as we introduce our revolutionary formula that transforms your nails from fragile to fabulous in under 60 seconds! Say goodbye to unsightly cracks, frustrating chips and costly salon visits – it's time to embrace the perfect nails you've always dreamed of.

✨ Apply the real UV Vanish onto your nails

Watch as our liquid gel formula glides onto your nails, instantly starting to work its magic on your nails and turn from liquid to a half-hard state instantly, providing the perfect foundation for your stunning manicure.

✨ The Liquid Gel starts to work its magic on your nails

Check out the mesmerizing transformation as your nails reach 60% completion. See how they start to harden under the UV Light, getting stronger and glossier with every second without wasting time on drying.

✨ Enjoy your brand new Flawless Manicure

Get ready to be wowed as our UV light device fully cures your nails. Witness the final step as they become flawlessly finished, ready to be shown off to the world. It's the perfect way to complete your manicure journey.





Of Maniko’s Nail Gel Strips Thousands of women love and swear by:

Apply Effortlessly Without Expertise Needed.

Maniko’s groundbreaking nail solution allows you can say goodbye to the hassle of brushing or painting your nails. No more fumbling with tiny brushes or worrying about smudges and streaks. Our revolutionary product eliminates the need for traditional nail techniques, allowing you to apply stunning nail designs in minutes and enjoy a hassle-free nail perfection.

Enjoy Up To 3 Weeks Of Nail Perfection.

Picture perfectly manicured nails that stay flawless for up to 3x weeks. Maniko’s innovative formula ensures your stunning nail designs withstand the test of time. No more worrying about chips, cracks, or fading colors after just a few days. With our long-lasting solution, you can enjoy up to three weeks of enduring beauty.

Maniko allows you to never worry about Nails Chipping or Cracking.

Maniko's breakthrough formula is specifically crafted to provide unmatched durability, ensuring your manicure stays intact no matter what life throws your way. From tackling household chores to embracing an active lifestyle, our nail strips are up for the challenge.No more worrying about chips or cracks ruining your beautiful nails - with Maniko.

They’re Designed to Fit All Nail Shapes and Sizes So You Can Eliminate The Guess Work - Completely !

Say goodbye to the struggle of finding the perfect nail shape that fits your unique nails like a glove. Our nail strips are designed to work effortlessly with all nail shapes and sizes. Whether you prefer the classic square look, the elegant almond shape, the bold stiletto style, or the trendy oval design, our versatile formula seamlessly adapts to create a flawless fit.

Maniko’s Gel Polish Strips are Made With Salon-Grade Excellence.

Experience the luxuries of a professional salon from the comfort of your own home. The Gel Polish features 100% salon-grade gel polish, guaranteeing exceptional results that rival your favorite nail technician. Enjoy the feeling of having a personal nail artist at your fingertips as our formula effortlessly glides on, leaving you with a flawless, glossy finish.. all thanks to you.

Easy Damage-free Removal In Just A Few Seconds.

When it's time to change up your nail designs, our product makes the removal process a breeze. No more hours spent soaking or harsh chemicals that damage your natural nails. With just a few seconds of gentle peeling, our solution effortlessly lifts off, leaving your nails ready for their next stunning transformation.

Emma S - Berlin


"I was skeptical at first, but Maniko's Nail Gel Strips exceeded all my expectations. They are incredibly easy to apply, and the designs are so trendy. My nails have never looked better!"

Verified Buyer

Mia - Frankfurt


"I've tried various nail products, but Maniko's Nail Gel Strips are on another level. The quality is outstanding, and they truly last for weeks without chipping. I'm obsessed!"

Verified Buyer

Kristen - Stuttgart


"Maniko's Nail Gel Strips have become my go-to solution for a flawless manicure. They are foolproof to apply, and the results are salon-worthy. I can't recommend them enough!"

Verified Buyer

Did we mention they’re entirely Vegan & Cruelty Free ?

Maniko believes in complete transparency when it comes to ingredients. We're proud to share every detail about what goes into our products and explain how it contributes to better nails, unlike other brands that keep you in the dark.

Polyacrylic Acid: This synthetic substance is a binder that ensures the cohesion of the color pigments of our UV gel strips.

Acrylates copolymer: This is a water-soluble plastic that acts as a binder to ensure that the color pigments in our nail polish strips stick together. Since this is a water-soluble plastic, we try to find a more environmentally friendly alternative as soon as possible.

Glycerine Propoxylate Triacrylate: This ingredient is a film former that acts as a protective layer over your UV gel strips and guarantees a long shelf life.

Isopropylthioxanthone: This substance ensures that the UV gel strips harden when exposed to UV light and forms a stable, durable surface.

123,831+ Customers

Maniko’s Effective UV Gel Strips Solution has amassed more than 123,831+ Customers.

The number of customers is growing rapidly by the day, and for all the right reasons.

And besides all the raving reviews, they have the data to prove the great results they promise for your nails.

95% of women love the easy application and the hassle-free removal of Maniko

93% of women reported 3 weeks of uncompromised use without any chipping or cracking.

97% of women love affordability of Maniko and prefer doing their nails at home rather tha salon.

123,831+ Happy Customers

stunning nails in minutes

“ I actually cannot believe how long my UV gel nails have lasted! They look perfect even after several weeks. I love how durable they are and how I don't have to worry about them chipping or peeling. ”

Verena V - Nurnberg

Durable & fast to apply !

“ Some of the fastest to apply nails I’ve ever tried, and I’ve tried a loooot of different brands. The durability on these is incredible, last me just about 3 weeks which for this price is unbelievable ”

Emiliana Z - Frankfurt

Perfect for beginners

“ From a complete beginner to a pro in literally 5 minutes, thats all it took to get these done and i’m so happy because this not only saves me money but also time and hassle scheduling appointments !! ”

Julia W - Berlin


“ I’m in my week 3 and these babies aint moving ! They have not chipped or cracked which happens with my salon nails, wait how ?!? No idea but these Maniko nails are my new favs ! I literally got 5 pairs and counting. ”

Nicole S - Nurnberg

Besides receiving rave reviews from thousands of women online, Maniko's 60 Second Nail Solution has also received praise from renowned nail experts and industry professionals. Salon owners, nail technicians, and even celebrity makeup artists have all hailed the incredible results and ease of use provided by our innovative product.

Experience the same level of satisfaction and join the growing community of women who have discovered the secret to effortless and long-lasting manicures with Maniko.

In a nutshell, you’ll appreciate:

Flawless nails in just 60 seconds

Long-lasting results that withstand chips and cracks

Easy application without the need for brushing or painting

Georgous nails with 0% drying required

Compatibility with all nail shapes and sizes

Salon-grade gel polish for professional-quality nails

Simple and quick removal process that doesn’t cause damage to your real nails.

The conclusion is: After trying out Maniko’s quick and easy nail solution, it’ll be extremely hard to get back to regular nail procedures like spending money at the salon or the hassle of doing it yourself.


Why are Maniko’s Gel Strips Discounted Right Now ?

Maniko is dedicated to providing an exceptional offer for their first-time customers.

Considering the superior features and outstanding quality of Maniko's Nail Gel Strips, one would expect a price that could easily reach up to $60+.

This would still be more affordable than many salon’s - some of which can cost over $100 for a couple of sessions.

Maniko understands the importance of making their revolutionary nail solution accessible to everyone and that is exactly why there is currently Limited Time Special Offers for First Time Buyers. Enjoy discounts from $12 all the way to $80 towards your very first purchase.

limited time sale

$12-$80 OFF

On Selected Products, Choose Your Favourite Style and Bundle it for savings up to 80% off

60 Seconds Treatment

Last up to 3x Weeks

Anti Chipping & Cracking

Free Shipping & Returns

45 days Money Guarantee

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“ Maniko's Nail Gel Strips are a game-changer! They are so easy to apply, and the results are absolutely stunning. My nails look like I just stepped out of a high-end salon. I'm in love! ”

Sarah M.


“ I can't believe how long-lasting these Nail Gel Strips are! They stay chip-free and glossy for weeks, even with my busy lifestyle. It's the perfect solution for beautiful nails without the hassle. ”

Emily G.


“ Maniko's Nail Gel Strips are a must-have for anyone who wants salon-quality nails at home without the hassle of complicated procedures or spending lots on salons. The application process is a breeze ! ”

Patricia O.

60 Seconds Treatment

Last up to 3x Weeks

Anti Chipping & Cracking

Free Shipping & Returns

45 days Money Guarantee

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Sell-out Risk: HIGH

Free Shipping

Try 100% Risk-Free for up to 45 days